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The beloved Snapchat feature is coming to Instagram!

The long-awaited innovation for Instagram has finally arrived. A new feature called Avatar has been added to the platform.

Instagram, the world’s most popular social media platform, continues to gain new features. Finally, the innovation that the company is working on brings to the platform a feature that we have seen on Snapchat before. Accordingly, the social media giant will now have the user avatar. Here are the details…

“Avatar” era on Instagram

Social media applications, which are almost in a race, are constantly copying content from each other. The latest example of this happened on the Instagram side. Snapchat’sbeloved feature called “Bitmoji” has been added to the platform. The feature, which the company calls Avatar; A virtual copy will be allowed thanks to the face shape, hair color, accessories and many other details.

The Avatar feature, which was brought to Instagram, is seen as cartoons of people describing themselves. Instagram, which has recently taken a very correct step when it comes to virtual reality and augmented reality technology, is targeting young people with this move

It also seems inevitable that our Avatars will appear in our stories and posts in the future. Since we will be taking part in Instagram in a concrete way within the use of this feature, it is now a question of whether there will be a decrease in the sharing of our own photos via post or story.

Just enter the Instagram>Account>Account>Account section to design the new and highly popular Avatar. In this section, you can create your own Avatar lyratically. Keep in mind that your Instagram app needs to be up-to-date to get to the new feature.

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