Critical warning for overclockers from Intel!

Intel has warned against overclocking non-Alder Lake K (locked) processors. Here’s a critical explanation for the Alder Lake owners.

Intelhas warned Alder Lake CPU owners not to try to overclock it, as it can damage the chip even if it is possible on some motherboards. Intel’s announcement followed tests conducted by an expert on overclocking.

As you know, Intel’s K processors areunlocked and overclocked products. But Der8auer, known for overclocking tests, became a curiosity when it tried to greatly increase the clock speed on non-K (locked) models such as the Core i5-12400 (we had previously seena Core i3 world record).

Intel alder lake overclocking warning issued

While it’s technically possible to overclock a non-K Alder Lake processor using the BCLK unlock feature in the BIOS of some high- and mid-range motherboards, Intel warns against it. 12, the chip giant said in a statement to Tom’s Hardware. Reminding that generation processors are not designed for overclocking, he said:

“Intel’s 12th-century 19th-century Generation K processors were not designed for overclocking. Intel does not guarantee that processors will run beyond their specifications. Changing the clock frequency or voltage can damage the lifespan of the processor and other system components, shorten its lifespan, and reduce system stability and performance.”

In short, if you have a processor from the Intel Alder Lake series and want to apply overclocking, you should give up the warranty of your chip and let the system become unstable. Perhaps you may even cause damage to the CPU and reduced normal life.

We already knew about this risk because overclockingallows you to see how hard you can push clock speeds without affecting system stability. However, as Der8auer does, the whole point of upgrading a non-K 12th generation chip is to turn a relatively low and affordable CPU into a performance-packed monster.

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