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Twitter won’t pity those who give wordle spoilers!

Twitter automation rules prohibit spamming or harassing users. These rules include the daily word game Wordle.

Wordle, the daily word game where you have six chances to guess a five-letter word, has taken Twitter by storm with people sharing yellow, gray and green squares showing the results. But some players who solved the puzzle of the day began to annoy many players by sharing their results on Twitter.

Wordle has increased in popularity day by day, with the daily answer in the game being the same for everyone and informing people how easy or difficult it is for you to guess the word of the day. Twitter, however, has begun banning some accounts that post spoiler about Wordle.

Twitter blocks bot that gave Wordle spoilers

The bot account @wordlinator responded to people’s Wordle posts with messages containing spoilers for the next day’s match. Although the creator of the bot has not yet been identified, his Twitter biography reads, I was sent from the future to end the Wordle. Not only did the bot spoil people’s tweets, but it also contained rude messages such as “Move on,” “Stop bragging,” “It doesn’t make you look smart.”

Although Twitter has not indicated a reason to ban the account, the Automation Rules page warns users who send unwanted messages against harassing them. Given that the gameis about guessing a five-letter word, it seems understandably disturbing to reveal the next day’s word.

Since the past day, the account is no longer displayed and the page says it has been suspended for violating Twitter rules. According to a 2020 blog post, bots are allowed on Twitter, while behavior that ‘undermines and disrupts public conversation’ is prohibited.

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