Found the solution to the problem that drives iPhone users crazy!

The solution to the problem that drove iPhone users crazy has been found. A directive was shared that allows users to temporarily get rid of the problem.

A problem recently faced by iPhone 13 users surprised everyone in the tech world. The series, which took its place in the markets towards the end of last year, also managed to get positive returns. However, the recent trouble had begun to turn the situation around.

A number of solutions have emerged related to the pink screen problem, which Appleis also working hard to solve. Some users were found to have recovered from the error in line with shared instructions.

How to fix iPhone 13 pink screen problem?

The problem, which was raised by the reactions on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, began to attract more users over time. Some people noted that they observed slowdowns, frostbite in places and large-scale changes in screen color on iPhone 13 models. However, while trying to get to the source of the error, the Apple front also took over. The problem, which is known as a pink screen problem on the internet, seems to have been resolved, albeit temporarily.

Apple argues that the problem is not caused by certainty hardware, and believes that a software shortage caused this incident. On the other hand, the recommendations that have been learned to solve the problem temporarily are as follows:

  • Restart the device as soon as you encounter an error. Some users noted that they got rid of the pink screen simply by doing so.
  • After the restart, check if your device is up to date(Settings > General > Software Update). This issue can also be resolved with iOS 15.3, which should be available soon.
  • Go to the App Storeto install existing updates for the apps you’ve installed on your device (tap the Profile picture > theApp Store – scroll down > > select Update All)
  • If the problem is not fixed, delete and restore the apps you received a pink screen from.
  • Back up your device, and then perform the reset.
  • If you still see the pink iPhone 13 screen error, get Apple support. Some users who experienced the problem reported that their iPhonehad been replaced.

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