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WhatsApp’s Community feature comes for iOS

WhatsApp is preparing to take new steps with the Community feature. According to some news, the platform is about to start the testing process!

WhatsApp,the world’s most used messaging platform, is working hard to make its platform more useful. In line with its objectives, the company has been working on the Community feature for some time. Information about managers having more authority in group chats had been obtained before, albeit limited. According to some, there has been a new development in this particular feature, which will resemble Discord.

Communities begin testing with Beta

WhatsAppaims to increase the authority of administrators in group conversations with the Communities feature. Administrators will then be able to create smaller subgroups within the group chat. The first test drive has now been prepared for the feature, which has not been tried until today. WhatsApp will start testing the Community feature with a new update through the TestFlight beta Program. The update is currently available for iOS

Source: WABetaInfo

Regular WhatsApp group conversations with the community will be different by design. However, as with group chats, it will have a name and description. Group admins can create new subgroups in the chat or add existing groups. There will be up to 10 groups in the chat. Communities will reportedly be protected by end-to-end encryption.

If it differs by design from group chats, it will be a community icon. While the normal group icons are round, the Communities will appear in the form of curved squares. WhatsApp Communities is joined by the invitation feature. Users will be able to join manually or with the “Community Invitation Link” sent by the administrator. However, the release date of this update is not yet known.

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