Apple may be developing its own game console

According to reports from sources close to the Apple front, the famous company may announce a game console very soon.

In the past week, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard for$68 billion has once again moved the world of gaming. While sony’s actions are eagerly awaited against Microsoft’s move, Apple may also be preparing to join the console wars with a surprise announcement.

According to new rumors from sources close to Apple, the giant company may soon announce a video game console of its own making. Apple is thought to be planning to become a voice in the video game industry before it is too late, especially after Microsoft’s latest move.

Apple could enter console market in 2022

Jez Corden, a windows central resident, said on The Xbox Two podcast that Apple plans to enter the video game console. Corden said he’s heard for some time that Apple is working on a variety of ways to get into the console market, but he’s also recruited a number of engineers working in the Xbox department.

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The Windows Central reporter explained that he has heard these rumors for quite some time, although he recently confirmed them from sources much closer to Apple. Corden is almost certain that Apple is developing a video console, but he doesn’t yet know if the console is virtual reality (VR) focused or supported.

However, given that there has also been speculation that Apple has been developing virtual reality headsets for some time, the console is said to have some kind of VR support. The latest rumor from the Apple front is that the company is also considering a metaverse integration for the console…

Although Apple has been cold to the video game industry since its inception in 1976, the timing chosen today makes sense. Given that Apple has competitors at the beginning of its ecological cycle, such as the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch, this developed console is said to appeal to a vr-focused, more digital content-focused and so-called ‘casual’ gaming audience.

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