Epic-Apple case heats up: Microsoft backs Epic

Epic has the support of Microsoft and 35 U.S. states in its fight against Apple’s monopoly on the App Store.

Epic Games may have largely lost its case against Apple, but it is not afraid to fight. Epic Games – Shortly after the Apple decision was issued, Epic appealed, and several organizations, including a coalition of 35 state attorneys general, Microsoft and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, submitted amicus briefings (information that assisted the court but was not party to the case) to support Epic.

For those who don’t know, Epic claimed that Apple had a monopoly on iOS apps and wanted changes that would allow Apple to charge less commission from the App Store. For example, if Epic had succeeded in forcing Apple to accept alternative payment transactions, the way the App Store operates would have changed significantly. However, Apple won nine of the ten cases against Epic.

Microsoft and 35 U.S. state prosecutors involved in Epic-Apple case

In an opening appeal filed in the latest case, Epic argued that the validity of the ruling in apple’s favor would “upend the established principles of antitrust law and undermine antitrust policies.” In addition, 35 state attorneys general in the U.S., Microsoft and many other groups that give amicus briefings appear to be siding with Epic.

epic games relicta

“Apple’s behavior has harmed mobile app developers and millions of citizens,” a joint statement from state prosecutors said. Apple continues to monopolize app distribution and in-app payment solutions for iPhones, stifle competition and collect competitive profits in the nearly trillion-dollar-a-year smartphone industry, according to prosecutors.

Microsoft compared what Google and Apple did, saying, “Google, the other major provider of mobile operating systems, could have the authority to do the same. The stakes are high for Microsoft and other businesses that comply with antitrust laws to protect competition,” he said.

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