Fruit of 31 years of work: James Webb passes critical stage

The James Webb Space Telescope, which has been in development for years and launched in recent weeks, has rolled over a major milestone.

The James Webb Space Telescope, which has been delayed for years, has been launched in recent weeks and is now alone in space. One of the most painful processes with the telescope, which was sent 1 million kilometers from Earth, was that the folding mirror, like origami, could be opened on its own. There have been years of work done on this, and as a result, good news has come.

The James Webb Space Telescope was launched into space on December 24. It is customary for vehicles sent into space that the moment of launch was broadcast live on YouTube. The telescope’s journey to its destination is still ongoing. It’s estimated that it’s been six months since James Webb sent the first images, but the real painful process is in time for his destination.

James Webb Space Telescope’s primary mirror successfully unveiled

The Jamess Web telescope, which is extremely precise, is also large. If this contradiction was not enough, if a problem arose in the mirror, which we can call the heart of the telescope, 31 years of work and $10 billion in taxes would have been wasted. The primary mirror of the JWST, which was sent into space with the whole world holding its breath, has successfully completed its installation. Although the journey and installation are still in progress, this is an extremely important milestone.

It is still around 380,000 kilometers from its destination, also called L2, which is 1 million kilometers from Earth. While it’s still a risky process, installing the primary mirror is welcome news. James Webb has been successful so far, as a course is currently being followed within the known risks. The actual details of the journey will be revealed when the JSWT reaches its location.

The James Webb Space Telescope will work 100 times more detail-specific than Hubble can do to collect data on the existence of the universe and earth-like planets. The telescope, which is expected to add groundbreaking discoveries to the science library, is even considered one of the turning points in human history.

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