Helicopters flying on Mars can change the color of the weather!

Helicopters flying over Mars in the future could change the colour of the air around them, according to the latest reports.

NASA has made great progress thanks to the technological equipment it uses in its Mission to Mars. In particular, the Ingenuity mini-helicopter, which is located inside the expedition vehicle Perseverance and can fly around and transfer what it sees around the world to the base, is pushing the boundaries.

However, a recent study revealed a possibility that people like. Due to the thin atmosphere on Mars, helicopter propellers that cut off the air can change the color of the air. Here are the details…

Helicopters flying over Mars can turn the sky blue!

Since this glitter effect, in which helicopters can be surrounded by blue, is an interesting and intriguing subject, many researchers have thought about it. William Farrell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, who has been working on the subject, said in a statement:

The pale glow will be most visible in the evening hours, when the sky in the background is darker. NASA’s experimental Ingenuity helicopter doesn’t fly during this time. But future drones can be cleaned for the evening flight and look for this glow.

The electrical currents generated by the fast-rotating blades in the drones are too small to perform this process in the Martian atmosphere. But these offer an opportunity for us to do some additional work to improve our understanding of the accumulation of an electric charge, called triboelectric charging.

Mars helicopter

Triboelectric charging is actually a type of static electricity in which small electrical charges accumulate and form a charge when two materials rub against each other. An example is rubbing a balloon, plastic comb or pen, and then when you move it closer to your head, your hair takes off and tries to get close to it.

Helicopters flying in the Martian atmosphere cut off air, while a similar payload may accumulate on the rotor blades due to high dust levels. This situation continues until the atmosphere begins to transmit electricity. He then removes the cargo from the helicopter.

When this happens in Mars’ thin atmosphere, it can ensure that a helicopter has enough payload to turn the air around it between blue and purple. But researchers say this is just a guess and we have to wait for oversized helicopters to fly to test its accuracy.

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