The number of apps and games released on AppGallery is increasing

Inspired by Subway Surfers, the game was released on AppGallery before Metroland, the App Store and Google Play.

Huawei has lost access to Google services for nearly 3 years and continues to enrich its AppGallery library to satisfy its users.

The company, which recently became the first to introduce Angry Birds 2 to mobile gamers, has made a new debut by adding Metroland, the publisher of Subway Surfers, to AppGallery. Gamers will be able to access this new game, which is expected to make a big splash just like Subway Surfers, through AppGallery for the first time.

Metroland inspired by Subway Surfers

Metroland is an endless running game with the same mechanics as Subway Surfers. However, we can say that this new game has a much better design, gaming experience and wider user profile than Subway Surfers.

Set in the city, this game has 7 different regions and will be customized in many different ways with events such as Halloween, according to publisher Kiloo.

The date when the game will be released in the App Store and Play Store is not yet set

As we mentioned at the beginning of our news, the game was first released on Huawei AppGallery and is also available for pre-access in some certain countries. Turkey is one of the countries where Metroland is available for pre-access and therefore you can download the game from the App Store and Play Store other than AppGallery.

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