Accident detection system for Apple Watch and iPhones is coming!

Apple is reportedly working on an ‘accident detection system’ for its iPhone and smartwatches. The feature is expected to be released next year.

Apple is making moves for the benefit of the user with many features in its products. For example, thanks to the “fall detection” system included in the Company Apple Watch watches, it detects hard falls to the ground. He then detects that the user is immobile for a minute and automatically calls the emergency services.

Now it turns out that the company is preparing to add a similar feature to all its devices in the future. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is also working on anaccident detection system.

Apple Watch and iPhones to detect traffic accidents in 2022

Apple, which is constantly open to innovation on the software side, will introduce the‘accident detection system’,a user-friendly feature, to users in 2022. So what is the accident detection system and how will it work?

Apple’s system, which is in the testing process, will work in a similar way to the company’s function in smartwatches. With this feature coming to iPhones and Apple Watches; whether there was a traffic accident and emergency services will be called automatically. The system will work similar to that of the Apple Watch’s drop detection system.

This feature, which is expected to reach users in 2022, will receive support from the sensors of smartphones and smartwatches. It will work with the accelerometer on Apple Watch and iPhones, measuring an increase in g-force to detect ‘car accidents’.

Apple has been working on this feature for about a year and reports that the reports are positive. This feature is tested on iPhone and Apple Watch, according to data shared by the company; More than 10 million suspects have been hit by vehicles. The report also mentions that this feature will be based on user preference. This means that the user will also be authorized to share any data if they wish.

The ‘accident detection system’, currently in the testing phase, will likely appear in 2022. Expected to be available with iOS 16 for iPhones, this feature is expected to come with watchOS 9 within Apple Watches.

So what do you guys think of Apple’s move? Share with us in the comments…

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