NASA shares best images Perseverance has taken this year

NASA has created a collage of human favorites taken by Mars rover Perseverance in 2021.

NASA successfully landed Mars rover Perseverance on the planet in February. This highly advanced and sophisticated tool shares extraordinary photos and videos of your new home with us. This week, the space agency shared what viewers liked most online in a video.

NASA releases Perseverance’ most admired

NASA posted the most liked photos of Mars in a video on Perseverance’ official Twitter account, saying:

My passion for collecting stones only matches my love of photography. Thank you for playing your favorite new pictures every week. We look forward to more coming!

The first image in the video looks a little depressing, but it’s said to be the most important of them all. Because Perseverance sent this photo back to NASA shortly after it landed on the martian surface. In this way, he gave the task force the first visual evidence of his safe arrival while at the same time verifying the integrity of the communication channels.

Other pictures popular with those who watched the Mars mission show many wastelands, various rock formations. The most popular of these is NASA’s small helicopter Ingenuity, which made history in April, becoming the first helicopter to fly on another planet.

In addition, we see evidence of perseverance’ drilling discoveries for the collection of rock samples. These materials will then be transported to Earth for scientific analysis that can confirm the existence of microbial life on the distant planet.

Perseverance is a state-of-the-art product equipped with a wide range of cameras, each with different capabilities. Most of the photos we see here are taken by the mastcam-Z device, which can take high-resolution video as well as panoramic color photos of the traveler and 3D images of the landscape. You can also view many images that are not included in the video on NASA’s website.

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