Product measuring software development efficiency and quality from Testinium: Oobeya

Testinium launches its new product, Oobeya, and measures software development efficiency and quality with its Oobeya solution.

We toldyou about test automation management solution Testiniumlast January. Oobeya serves as a product that visualizes and allows you to follow the engineering process to improve software quality and development efficiency with the integration of DevOps/SDLC tools.

With Oobeya, you can connect to the tools used by your software teams to see metrics on a person, team, project or organization basis in the dashboard and take action quickly through this information. Metrics offered by Oobeya include technical debt, problems, number of days encoded, efficiency and impact.

Oobeya, which can be installed quite quickly, also offers integration with many tools such as GitHub, GitLab, TFS, SVN, Sonarqube, Cast, Fortify, Jira in the application market. With Oobeya, you can connect to vehicles through their APIs and report historical information in as little as 10 minutes.

Oobeya’s features include following all metrics from a single point, scorecards, ALM integration, gamification and warehouse analytics.

With Oobeya’s gamification feature, you can also provide your teams with a competitive space by gamifying the areas of improvement. Let’s add that Oobeya is currently used by nearly 40 companies, according to testicles.

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