Rival cloud backup: 18TB USB is coming!

Introducing UNITEX USB LTO-9, the world’s first USB 3.0-powered tape drive developed by UNITEX!

Japanese tape drive manufacturer Unitexhas introduced the first LTO-9 tape drive with USB connectivity. The tape drive, called UNITEX USB LTO-9, offers 18TB of internal capacity in a single band with up to 300 MBps of throughput, far more than any cloud backup service can reach.

Although the tape drive was launched as a Type-A 3.0 model, the fact that it has a USB port means it has almost universal compatibility using the converter.

UNITEX USB LTO-9 tape drive features

The device is a continuation of the LT80H, the LTO-8 USB desktop drive, and will likely be available with a significant price advantage. The LT80H has a price tag of $5,100, while the LTO version goes up to $6,000. The LTO-9 tape drive will sell for more than $170, which is about half the price of a standard 18TB hard drive.

A unitex company spokesman, which is developing the LTO-9 tape drive, also confirmed that pricing has not yet been finalized. But interestingly, he mentioned the company’s offer to backup tapes, which are offered as an existing service in Japan. “We are currently working to expand the service to global customers,” the spokesman said.

Tape backup can be faster than uploading to the cloud, especially for smaller businesses that don’t have the setup to keep terabytes of data in a secure place. While it can take about 17 hours to back up 18 TB of data via USB, we can say that it can take much more time over broadband.

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