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YouTube is testing smart downloads!

YouTube has announced that it is testing a feature called Smart Downloads. In this context, posters came to the applications of the people who participated in the trial.

If you’re a YouTube Music user, you have an idea about the Smart Downloads feature. This option allows you to download music when connected to Wi-Fito protect mobile data while you are away. Smart Downloads in the YouTube app automatically download some videos every week based on an algorithm for suggested videos.

As 9to5Google reports, some YouTube users in Europe have received a warning to try the new Smart Downloads feature on their Android smartphones. When you sign up, every time you connect to a Wi-Fi network, the YouTube app downloads a list of 20 videos every week.

YouTube uses algorithm in Smart Downloads feature

Downloaded videos are selected for you with the help of an algorithm by analyzing your watch history and the types of content you watch on the platform. This content is added to your offline playlist, along with other videos that you manually download in the app.

This feature was good for those with limited mobile data and those who want to watch videos on their way to work. The screenshot about the feature explains that users will be notified before any downloads are made. Thus, he adds, the relevant process can be performed to free up space. This option currently only received support on the latest version of Android, Android 12.

Smart Downloadsare currently only available by a certain group and in certain regions. It can also be benefited by YouTube Premium members. Users can sign up to try this feature until February 14th. If you are one of the selected people, you will see a banner when you open the YouTube app.

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