Shock claim from the US: China has developed brain control technology!

The U.S. front has made a bombshell claim. He’s been in a relationship with China for a long time…

The U.S. front has made a bombshell claim. The country, which has long been at odds with China, has made another much-talked-about rhetoric as it continues its trade wars. The government, which lists Individual Chinese organizations, said its rival had made biotechnological advances.

A senior official told the media they were seriously monitoring what happened. On the Chinese side, there has been no response to the allegations.

China makes brain control weapons?

One of the units blacklisted by the United States is china’sAcademy of Military Medical Sciences. The academy, which has been blacklisted along with 11 other organizations in total, is, according to the US,complicating not only its own interests, but also world interests. China, along with this academy, is developing brain control technology, according to a senior official. It is claimed that with the technology being improved, weapons will be able to be produced to control the brain.

While it is learned that China does not only work on brain control, according to the UNITED States, topics such as gene editing and improving human performance are among the academia’s plans. Similar allegations, however, have been made before, but have not been met with any response. The Chinese Army, which has made it clear that they have been working on the human brain since 2018, has yet to respond.

In 2018, Chinese neuroscientistspublished a detailed study of how neuroscience through voice, light, electricity, drugs and even transcranial magnetic stimulation, as well as brain-machine interface technology to improve a soldier’s abilities, could affect future wars. The article, which has a long and detailed structure, brought with it a lot of controversy.

It is an indisputable fact that discussions about biotechnology will continue for some time. China’sresponse, which is alleged to have developed brain control technology, is also a matter of curiosity. Despite the government, which has yet to make any statements, the US front is adamant. Let’s wait and see what the brain control discussions have to offer us in the future.

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