Snapchat hopeful of AR technology!

Snapchat wants to make AR technology popular. The company has set out to make life easier for users

Snapchat wants to increase the benefits of AR (augmented reality) technology. Especially the concept of metaverse, which has recently become popular with Facebook, also pushes its competitors in different ways. The company, which has set out its own plans, will conduct its first trials on augmented reality.

The social media giant, which is found to be highly hopeful of technology, has hired a large number of people. Among the company’s new employees are many filter designers.

Snapchat has assembled a large-scale team for AR

Snapchat,which aims to make people’s lives easier thanks to augmented reality, has made significant strides in this respect. The company doesn’t see the new developments in full. In fact, Sophia Dominguez, one of the platform’s most authoritative figures, markets the improvements as “You don’t want to escape to another world.” However, according to the social media giant, the main point of the planned projects will be on their usefulness. Snapchat, which is also notable for its large community, will partner with more than 250,000 people for augmented reality edits.


The team of people who create filters and mini-applications for the platform is very comfortable with the project. Snapchat isin no hurry to talk about augmented reality and thinks everyone who collaborates should fully understand the issue. The firm will also introduce a range of new apps to strengthen the hands of developers. This year’s annual Lens Festwill also introduce a new version of lens studio.

With the new version, great conveniences will be provided to people who want to work on augmented reality. Snapchat, which surprised the tech world with its augmented reality glasses earlier this year, is working hard to bring its new device to everyone with increasing developments.

The company, which wants to come to the forefront again thanks to augmented reality technology, is hopeful of improvements for now. With the team established, it is possible that the social media platform that wants to make people’s lives easier can add a color to the world that is becoming more virtual with metaverse. Let’s wait and see who will be appreciated by users in the competition between the virtual world and the real world.

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