Technological products that you can buy as gifts on New Year’s Eve

if you have not yet filled the new year’s eve tree in these days when we are at the end of 2021, you can look at our list of technological products.

We’re only hours away from entering 2022. Many people have already prepared Christmas presents for their loved ones, friends and family. But if you haven’t received anything yet and don’t know what to buy, you don’t have to worry. We have put together technological products that you can buy as a gift for you on New Year’s Eve.

Technological products that everyone will want as a Christmas gift

No matter which of the most affordable to the most expensive technological products in this list we have prepared for you, there is no doubt that tech enthusiasts will love it. Although some are aimed at relatively younger people, you should definitely take a look at these Christmas gifts that you can buy for people of all ages.

When preparing our list, we placed devices suitable for individual use in the first items. On the next devices, we put in the ones that would appeal a little more generally. You can also find the links you can buy under the relevant headings of the products.

Wireless headphones

Today, many brands, from famous sound system companies to smartphone manufacturers, are developing their own wireless headphones. Many now meet today’s standards with both Bluetooth 5.0 and above technology, stereo or Hi-Fi quality audio support, and even active noise cancellation.

Of course, the problems with charging and usage times, which are among the biggest problems for a long time, are almost completely overcome. So much so that thanks to the storage boxes that charge the devices that are the intermediate solution they find, their usage period exceeds 1 day. We also chose to share Huawei FreeBuds Pro as it is relatively more affordable than its competitors in terms of the features it has in our list of technological products.

You can click here to purchase the product.

Smart wristband and watch

Smart wristbands and watches are becoming increasingly common. Thanks to their features, they are preferred because they support their users in business, sports, entertainment and daily use. For example, in some cases, if they have a smartwatch on their arm, they may not take their phone with them. Or it can easily communicate through this device during a meeting or conversation.

At this point, as a smart wristband, we included the 6th model of Xiaomi’s increasingly popular Mi Band series for many years and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 from the smartwatch category. Of course, at this point, we think it makes more sense for Apple users to turn to Apple Watch models to add a new device to their ecosystem.

You can click here to buy the products.

Virtual reality eyes

We can say that 2022 will be a lively year for the entire virtual reality market, especially metaverse. Of course, this technology has been around for a long time. In this area, too, the Oculus Quest 2 looks like one of the best devices you can buy 128GB.

You can click here to purchase the product.

Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers have also become a part of our lives. Even if you don’t have them, you’ve certainly seen someone walking around with these devices in your hand. With these devices, you can collectively take advantage of whatever sound quality you listen to or watch while sitting with friends wherever you go, on a table, on one side of your bag or around a campfire.

technological products

We include the JBL Flip 4, which is among the brands considered a pioneer in this field, in our list. In addition to sound quality, this device is also among the most preferred by users in the pool thanks to its Ipx7 waterproofing certificate.

You can click here to get the product.


After a tired working day or after a heavy workout, the muscles in your body will want to relax. Of course, you may not have time, even if you have enough budget for a good massage session. However, thanks to this device that we have included in our list, you can start the massage by removing it from your backpack wherever you want.

technological products

With multiple headgear, you can use it in any part of your body. In addition, wirelessness will be a very important advantage. Because looking for an outlet to massage wherever you go can cause you to cool down from the device after a while.

You can click here to get the product.


Since photography has an important place in my life, I have thought a lot about choosing devices. For someone who is just starting out in photography, you don’t need very expensive and complex devices. But it’s a modern and relatively new model. It also needs to support some standards so that it can use this device for a long time and meet its expectations.

technological products

At this point, I think the Canon EOS 2000D is quite ideal among DSLR machines. Although it is among the new models, it is a relatively affordable device and brings many technologies. For example, thanks to the app you download to your smartphone, you can quickly transfer photos directly wirelessly.

You can click here to get the product.

Game console

Game consoles, which are indispensable for gamers, come in very compact structures compared to computer cases. You also don’t have to worry about collecting systems and downloading individual software. All you have to do is put it next to your TV or monitor and perform the installation.

technological products

Of course, as we enter 2022, we must turn our faces to the current models. At this point, the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X models topped the flagship class. But our suggestion would be the Xbox Series S, the family’s affordable model. Because, like the other two models, this device manages to deliver smooth performance without sacrificing 4K and HDR support.

You can click here to get the product.

Robot broom

Robot vacuum cleaners have now gained a place in our homes. Especially in Turkey, there has been a big increase in sales in recent years. Of course, the characteristics of each model do not match the other. However, in general terms, we see that they are similar. At this point we have added the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro model to our list.

technological products

By running it through the app on your smart device while you’re at home or at work, you can even have it sweep a particular room or entire house, even wet cleaning, that is, moping. You can have it clear only a specific area where you don’t want it to enter, or vice versa. Although you think you have a clean house, it will be surprising to see the dust chamber full from the first mapping.

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