Lost Ark has crossed the threshold of a major simultaneous player!

Lost Ark was played simultaneously by 1,065,000 players on Steam, surpassing a major synchronous threshold. Here are the details…

When a new MMO game is released, it is expected to have a high audience of players. At this point, Amazon Games‘ Lost Ark took things to a different level. As of now, the game has 1,065,000 simultaneous players based on Steam graphics.

That surpassed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s 906,000 players. Thus, the PC made its debut in the history of gaming by printing its name beautifully.

Lost Ark was loved by the players for various reasons

This explosive success of the game is based on several factors. First, the production doesn’t smother players with things that are full of action-heavy content and distract them from other MOOs that are overwhelmed by extreme menus. This makes it easier for new players to come to the game.


The progress of the game has also received positive reactions so far. In the production, there are seven different continents, various interesting cultures and characters that they can interact with fans. Lost Ark also appeared for free. That was an important factor in keeping it.

Another reason Lost Ark appeals to players is that there’s so much to do. He’s got a pretty big build. Players who experienced the game said that after 10 hours they were still in the early stages of construction. In the meantime, they said, they don’t see much of a situation that bores the player.


As a result, Lost Ark got off to a pretty good start. Players are impatient to see how the developer team proceeds as they reach the later stages of construction.

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