The cancelled Star Wars game appeared 10 years later!

The gameplay video for Star Wars 1313, which caused a stir when it was announced in 2012, came to light 10 years later.

Star Wars 1313, announced at E3 2012 and considered certain to be one of the best graphic games ever for that period, was cancelled by EA Games. Years after it was cancelled, it was revealed that the game had been developed with Unreal Engine 3 and that its main character would be Boba Fett. The gameplay video for Star Wars 1313 has emerged a decade after it was announced.

Star Wars 1313 was cancelled in 2013

EA Games announced this week that it is developing three Star Wars games at the same time. In addition to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2,the famous game maker announced that he was developing an FPS and a real-time strategy, and recently officially announced the cancellation of the highly anticipated Star Wars 1313 project.

Following the news of the cancellation, which received a huge response from Star Wars fans, some of the team that developed the game were moved to the Jedi: Fallen Order project. The gameplay videos for the production, announced at E3 2012 and starring Boba Fett, appeared 10 years after it was announced.

This gameplay video from the project, which was canceled with the closure of LucasArts Studio, is reportedly a prototype. As you can see from the video above, the gameplay footage released has nothing to do with the images posted on E3 2012. In this sense, either this video was recorded long before 2012, or what we watched in the video shown at E3 2012 was CGI animation.

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