New trailer from Stranger Things season 4!

Netflix’s million-loved series Stranger Things has surprisingly released a new trailer for season 4.

While allegations about the show’s new season have been thrudged online, we don’t want to spoil your mood. The new season will air in April, and after a nearly three-year hian, millions of viewers will turn netflix back to Stranger Things.

Netflix made you say “or what?” with its exhilarating post

Netflix posted a poster on its official Twitter account. The date on this poster was reminiscent of november 6, when will’s character disappeared on the show. While everything so far has been normal, the tweet’s phrase “Stranger Things is coming back” thrilled hundreds of thousands of fans.

Stranger Things season 4

The post raised the idea that the show would air on November 6, but history has come and come to a head. But we don’t see the new season on Netflix.

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