The Microsoft Store looks more and more like Steam!

The Microsoft Store is starting to look like the Steam platform with the innovations it brings to the Xbox app. Here are the new features…

Microsoft is finally fixing the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass issue for Windows users. Now you have the possibility to download games to a folder of your choice easily. A number of sources have announced that Microsoft is currently testing the feature. However, this innovation is now available in the Xbox app.

Microsoft previously required the use of the WindowsApps folder for the installation of games. This caused various storage problems because it was on the disk on which Windows was installed. Now he’s done it and made the players and users smile.

Users do not have to grant folder access to modes

Microsoft has previously started supporting modes for specific games in the Microsoft Store. Opening folder access to games also provides some convenience in this regard. Players no longer have to grant folder access to games.


Microsoft Store will allow you to verify and repair games

The Microsoft Storeuses Windows-based folder permissions that make it difficult to back up and move games. This restricts access to places where games are installed. At this point, if you need to reinstall Windows and install games on a secondary drive or remove a game, it can still use disk space.

Other PC game platforms, such as Steam and, allow players to back up and restore games. Microsoft will also likely allow you to verify and repair files that will be used to support backup with the new Xbox update. There are also a number of new options for accessing the folder where the files are installed, changing the drive on which the games are installed, and selecting special folders for installations.


“With PC games like Back 4 Blood, Age of Empires IV, Forza Horizon 5, and Halo Infinite on the first day with Game Pass, we wanted to give gamers more options to personalize their experiences in the Xbox app,” said Jason Beaumont, Xbox Co-Director. We’ll continue to share updates while we roll out additional features.”

The update to the Xbox app is currently in testing at Microsoft. The company has not yet publicly disclosed these new installation features. It is expected that the updated application will be made public soon.

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