New Year’s message from Chinese President Jinping

“The homeland is always interested in the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao,” Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a New Year’s message. One Country, Two Systems can only move forward steadily through solidarity and joint efforts.”

China President Xi Jinpingdelivered a New Year’s speech in the final hours of 2021. Xi outlined the work in 2021 in a speech published via the China Media Group (CMG) and the internet, and outlined his goals and expectations for 2022. Xi said, “Hello everyone! We’re on the verge of 2022. I celebrate everyone’s New Year from Beijing.”

“2021 was a vital year. We have experienced events that have marked the history of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the state. “From the beginning to the end of this year, everyone has had a busy year, made efforts, contributed and achieved success in fields, factories, neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, barracks and laboratories,” Jinping said, adding that “during this historic period, when two separate ‘Century Goals’ intersected, we set out directly to become a modern socialist country and the great development of the Chinese nation.” Time flows like water. In the past year, we have seen and witnessed a resilient and dynamic China. There are friendly and respectful people here, there is a country that is developing rapidly every day, there is a case that has been passed down from generation to generation here. On July 1st, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC. When I went up to Tian’anmen Tower, I had intense emotions. Looking at history, in the last century, when there were numerous events that left deep scars on people, the Communist Party of China achieved its great goal by leading millions of Chinese people, going forward without losing its will despite numerous difficulties. If the main goal is always kept in mind, this goal will be achieved one day. We can only meet the expectations of history, the age and the people with determination, perseverance and effort. The Communist Party of China’s 19th-century communist party was founded in the 19th century. Central Committee 6. The party’s third historic decision was approved at the General Assembly. We are encouraged, empowered and inspired by experiences that we have achieved over 100 years. I mentioned a conversation about the dynastic cycle between Mao Zedong, founder of the People’s Republic of China, and Huang Yanpei ( china’s former deputy prime minister), a renowned educator. We can only gain historical initiative by reforming ourselves. The great development of the Chinese nation cannot be carried out easily and overnight. From a long-term perspective, we must maintain strategic will and patience by always staying alert to risks. We must meticulously carry out the details while identifying the right direction in the studies.”

The Chinese President continued his statement as follows:

“As a great state, our country has priorities and responsibilities. Complex matters are matters that concern all the public. I’ve studied, learned and been inspired in some parts of the country. When I entered the citizens’ houses, I always asked, “What’s wrong with you?” I’ll never forget what the citizens told me. The concerns of the people are always on my mind, I will surely bring the hopes of the people to life. As someone from the village, I’ve been through poverty, I know what it is. Thanks to the joint efforts of generations, citizens who used to be poor can now feed and dress, get an education at school, and also have housing and health insurance. Completing the construction of a middle-class welfare society and removing absolute poverty is the mission of the CPC for the people and also a contribution to the world. We cannot settle for existing achievements in the goal of providing better living conditions to the public, we have a long way to go. ‘If the yellow river is secured, China will find peace’ This is the millennial expectation of the Chinese people. In recent years, I have visited 9 states along the Yellow River route. Whether it’s the Yellow River and Yantze River, which are the ‘main nehrs’ of the Chinese, the green wavy Lake Qinghai, the Yaluzangbu River, which is considered the mega-project of the century, the Saihanba National Forest resembling the ‘green Map’, the elephants that walk north in Yunnan, or the Tibetan Antilops who breed and migrate. all this reminds us that if we humans do not abandon nature, nature will not let us down.”

“We have witnessed many Chinese voices, Chinese memories and Chinese stories. Young people working with dedication under the heading ‘we strive for the growth of the country’ for the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, the “loving confession” of soldiers stationed at the border to the motherland, the step of “Zhurong” on Mars, the study of the Sun by the “Xihe” satellite, the tour of the ‘Tianhe’ module in space, the passionate and courageous efforts of the athletes for first place, the decisive fight against the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the country, the reconstruction of the homes of people affected by the disaster The protection of the state of the People’s Liberation Army and the Armed Police Forces, the hard struggle of countless ordinary heroes, came together like a drop and became a great movement in the new era, in which China was advancing rapidly. The homeland is always interested in the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao. ‘One Country, Two Systems’ can only move forward steadily through solidarity and joint efforts. The full unification of the homeland is the common desire of citizens on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. I sincerely believe that all Chinese will join hands for a bright future. When I communicated with foreign leaders and heads of international organizations by phone and video, they repeatedly praised China’s contribution to the fight against the epidemic and to prevent and control the global pandemic. So far, China has provided 2 billion doses of The Covid-19 vaccine to more than 120 countries and international organizations. If all the countries of the world are in the same boat, in solidarity and cooperation, a new page will be opened in the construction of the community of common destiny of humanity.”

Reminding that the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games will begin a month later, the Chinese President said, “Ensuring that more people participate in ice and snow sports is a contribution to the Olympic movement. With all our efforts, we will present the world with an Olympic Games feast. The world is looking forward to China. China is ready. The new year’s bell is about to ring. Our three taykonots are continuing their ‘business trip’ through vast space. Our citizens living overseas are still working hard. Chinese staff and students working abroad in embassies, consulates, Chinese companies and other institutions persevere in their work. Countless idealists continue to struggle. I wish everyone the best of wishes for the New Year. Let’s unite for a common future. I wish our country to be prosperous and peaceful.”

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