Horror games that will make you sweat cold

The list we have prepared for you includes horror games that you should give a chance to. If you don’t like walking simulations, give them a chance anyway.

It has a closely tied cast to horror games. As much as these people love consuming the same kind of TV shows and movies, you can live up to the desperate situations that scare you in horror games. The first horror game in history is known as Haunted House, released in 1972. Haunted House appeared on a game console called the Magnavox Odyssey, which was available at the time. The reason why people want to be afraid and enjoy fear lies in the hormonal response we get when we are subjected to a threat and crisis.

It’s adrenaline to experience these feelings. Especially being exposed to such feelings without leaving your comfort zone creates adrenaline addiction. Which increases our dependence on horror productions. The list we have prepared for you includes games that you can be afraid of without leaving your comfort zone. There may also be productions on the list that don’t count as horror games. But there are games that stretch most players while playing and scare them with the design of enemies.

Horror games for those who want some action involved

Some horror games can leave you helpless. You can’t attack enemies or set traps for them. In such situations, the best thing is to run or hide from your enemies. Today, there are some notorious games that use this gameplay. Such productions maximize the tension and fear of the player. Still, if you want to send it to me, here’s our list.

Alan Wake

Our first game, Alan Wake,takes you into a dark and action-packed atmosphere. You are fighting against your enemies with a flashlight and a gun in your hand. Alan, a famous writer, discovers that he is experiencing the events in his book. Although the game scares you at first, it becomes a complete action game in the future. Of course, the important point here is how quickly you can get used to the horror dosage of the game. If you get used to it quickly, it will become a fun action game for you.

Alien: Isolation for those who love space-themed horror games

Alien: Isolationis a privacy horror game that you and your character on the space station are trying to get rid of. But in this game, your hands don’t pick pears. With melee weapons or ranged weapons, it gives you a huge advantage over your enemies and, most importantly, your main enemy, the alien (also known as Sevastopol Drone, The Creature, or Xenomorph), who is constantly following you. Since you can’t kill Xenomorph, you should use your ammo carefully and spend ammo on Xenomorph just to create an escape route.

There is also a very different enemy AI in the game. While this enemy AI is not very good at humans and robots, Xenomorph’sAI keeps you on edge. The level of artificial intelligence the creature has may vary from player to player. He can listen to the sounds or feed you to get out to find you in hiding. The creature’s artificial intelligence is constantly evolving based on your movements and the decisions you make. This puts you in a more challenging situation as you progress through the game. If you want to feel fear and tension to your bones, give Alien: Isolation a chance.

Amnesia Series

The Amnesia series is a production that was released long before the games mentioned as walking simulations. It makes you feel trapped in a dark atmosphere. Since your main character does not remember anything, you need to solve things yourself. You should also maintain the sanity of your character in the game. Standing without light for a long time, especially in dark areas, and encountering enemies in the game for a long time negatively affects the mental health of the character.

Doki Doki Literature Club

This game is all two-dimensional, visuals and texts, yet as you progress through the game, it may seem chilling that different dialogue options appear and the game occasionally breaks down the fourth wall. You may be surprised that Doki Doki Literature Clubhas made some changes to its game files, especially in the later stages. All this creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. The vast majority of players who play like Doki Doki Literature Club.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within came from Shinji Mikami,who developed Resident Evil. In fact, Resident Evil was designed by Tokuro Fujiwara, but Fujiwara entrusted shinji mikami with the world he designed because he “hated fear.” Mikami also developed the Resident Evil universe to what it is today. The Evil Withinis a game in which we help our main character get stuck in a nightmare and try to get out of that world. Adorned with horror and action elements, the production is on our list due to the bleak and tense atmosphere it offers.

Layer of Fear

Layer of Fear is a horror game that takes its place among walking simulations. Still, it doesn’t expose enemies you can’t attack to scare the player. Instead, the constant change of the map and the fact that it pushes you to solve the story with confusion makes the player constantly nervous. The fact that the story of the game runs through art and drags you into the unknown supports the elements of fear a little. Other than that, it doesn’t satisfy the players very much. If you still want to give it a shot, you can try it.


Another walking simulation on our Outlast list. With the atmosphere of the mental hospital, it manages to awaken the elements of fear that lie in the subconscious of many people. You also can’t react other than to run or hide from the enemies it brings you. The game gives you a sense of helplessness by taking the opportunity to resist the enemy from your hand. When that happens, all you have to do is hide or run.

Karakterinize yardımcı ekipman olarak da yalnızca kamera veriliyor. Gece görüşü olan kameranız karanlık noktalarda oldukça işe yarıyor. Outlast bir gazeteci olarak akıl hastanesini ziyaret etmenizle başlıyor. Oyun boyunca düşmanlardan kaçmak ve saklanmak bir süre sonra sizi sıksa da bu duruma oyunu bitirmek için alışıyorsunuz. Yine de karanlık atmosferi ve çaresizlik hissini tatmak isterseniz, Outlast’ı deneyebilirsiniz.

One of the best horror games: Resident Evil 2, Biohazard and Village

All three games added a modern perspective to the series, and with Biohazard, the series of the game officially stood up. Resident Evil games, which we have played with the back camera before, managed to draw players into fear with the FPS camera angle. Especially the continuation of metroidvania map design in Biohazard constantly drives you to discover things. Resident Evil 2,which later appeared as Remake, was highly appreciated by fans of the series. Narrow maps and zombie designs were quite impressive. Especially when you live the shortage of bullets to your marrow and get thoughts like “can I have this zombie with one bullet”, it inevitably makes you nervous.

In Resident Evil 2,the corridors you clear from zombies stay that way until the end of the game. That’s why your dilemma about whether or not to kill zombies leaves a sweet doubt within the player. Resident Evil Village is the latest in the series, and lady dimitrescu’s character became popular before the game even came out. On top of all this, the story presented in the final production of the series satisfied many players. Likewise, the Village had a metroidvania map design, and there were times when you were short of bullets. If you haven’t played these three games of the series, you can give it a chance. Boss fights in Resident Evil games are also satisfactory.


Somais set in an underwater research facility 100 years from now. The journey our character has taken along this path and the philosophy of consciousness and spirit that the production is trying to explain to the players is quite striking. All this aside, it can seem boring that the enemies in the game are not diverse and at some point drag the feeling that you are doing the same tasks. But storytelling and plot are at a level that a horror game doesn’t have.

Until Dawn

Until Dawnis a story-driven PS4 exclusive. It’s what we call an interactive film. With its horror elements, cast and atmosphere, it manages to draw you in immediately. The story of the game may seem a bit of a cliché to you because it’s very reminiscent of the classic American horror movies we’re used to. Other than that, the atmosphere and story can meet your need for fear. In addition, the decisions you make in the game affect the end of the production. Your decisions in the game are more about whether the characters survive. Because you can play with all the characters throughout the game. Keeping all the characters alive affects the end of the game.

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