George R.R. Martin reviews the new Game of Thrones series!

George R.R. Martin reviews the upcoming Game of Thrones series. The successful author is hopeful for House of the Dragon.

George R.R. Martinreviews the upcoming new Game of Thrones prequede, House of the Dragon. While fans are looking forward to the day when the universe, one of the greatest jobs in television history, will expand, the creator of the series seems quite pleased. Commenting on the series, Martin appealed to viewers.

While urging everyone to calm down, he also responded to criticism of House of the Dragon. George R. R. Martin saysthe show won’t disappoint anyone.

George R.R. Martin: “You won’t be disappointed”

Speaking to the press, the veteran writer expressed his excitement for the show. Martin, one of the lucky ones who watched the first episode in advance, assessed the expectations of the fans. The production was developed by a large team, he said, and he was very pleased with what he watched. George Rurged Game of Thrones fans to remain calm. R. Martinsaid it was hard to be disappointed.

House of the Dragon Game of Thrones

He also praised the team behind the show, describing the production as dark and epic. Martin continued:

I saw a rough cut of the first episode. And I loved him. Epic, dark, powerful and instinctive. Just like I love my complex. Just like Game of Thrones,most viewers will only know a few actors, but I think you’ll fall in love with many of them. It’s just that you’re going to be heartbroken later, but no, you can’t say, it’s a secret. I think the Targaryens are in very good hands.

The production, which tells the story of hundreds of years before Game of Thrones,will not be short of intrigue on the territory of Westeros. There is no definitive return from the HBO front regarding the production, which is scheduled for release in 2022. Because the company still hasn’t given an exact release date until shortly before the new year. It’s safe to say that the series, which will air on HBO Max, is among the most anticipated productions of next year. Let’s see House of the Dragon, George R. We’ll just have to wait and see if there’s as much as R. Martinsaid.

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