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5 new features YouTube plans to introduce in 2022

YouTube is working to provide more opportunities for its users. It also plans to introduce many innovations in 2022.

YouTube, one of the world’s largest video content platforms, aims to increase the experiences of its users with the innovations it is working on. Continuing to work in this direction, the company managed to bring many new features to its platforms in 2022. The company, which wants to increase the availability of the platform by offering more opportunities, announced the innovations it wants to make this year.

Here are the new features that will come later this year

In addition to offering ease of use to its plans, YouTube also opens the door to innovation. It also includes the recently popular metaverse universe and the cryptocurrency world. The company, which closely follows the work of other platforms, wants to expand YouTube’s range. Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, mentioned these innovations in a blog post.

I am excited about all the new products and vehicles that we will launch in 2022. On this year’s roadmap, you’ll notice a few very desirable features. Each of these updates is based on a large number of discussions and data, as well as feedback from the entire YouTube community

1. Some improvements in the Shorts section

YouTube has been using the short-form video content feature of the TikTok app since March 2021. New effects and remix videos available on the platform will also be available to make the feature called YouTube Shorts even better.

2. Common live streaming feature

YouTube wants to start using the common live streaming feature on its platform, which we know especially from Instagram. Thus, creators will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to subscribers of other content users. The platform wants to increase interaction and wants to implement this feature in a short time.

3. Innovative Web3 opportunities

The platform is undoubtedly also known as an important monetization place. YouTube wants to create a new channel between creators and their subscribers to further increase the ability to make money. Thus, users can use the Although the exact details are not known, they will be able to purchase videos, photos and more exclusive content from their favorite creators.

4. First step into the Metaverse universe

Especially the metaverse universe, which has made a name for itself recently, continues to affect the whole world. The platform wants to bring its content to an innovation that can be created in this universe. YouTube, for example, said it would allow game interactions to feel more vivid, but did not provide any other details.

5. New shopping opportunities

As we mentioned earlier, YouTube is now the revenue stream for many. The platform plans to bring innovations to further increase the possibility of monetization; wants to lay the groundwork for many opportunities such as shopping videos, live shopping and e-commerce.

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