Uncharted characters are coming to Fortnite!

Fortnite announced Friday that uncharted characters will be available on February 17, the day before the film’s release.

Fortnite fans have solved the riddle of an Uncharted crossover coming to play on February 17. At this point, Tom Holland arrives in Fortnite for the second time thanks to his new costume as Nathan Drake in uncharted, which will be released on February 18th. If you remember before, spider-man was in the game.

Original Nathan Drake characters and Chloe Frazier appear in both film and game forms in FortniteEpic Games began promoting collaboration days after leakers detected code pointing to an ‘Uncharted treasure map’ within Fortnite. That happened on Friday.

Uncharted Fortnite crossover password quickly resolved

Gamers cracked a 14-character code. Some creators also found a variety of clues along the way. The password, ‘sicparvismagna’, was resolved in just a few minutes. This led to the trailer for the Uncharted Fortnite crossover.

Epic Games confirms wearables

So far, the trailer has only confirmed wearables. At this point, additional cosmetics are likely to come as part of this collaboration. Epic Games recently announced that Uncharted items will be available in Fortnite’s item store on February 17, 2022, just before the film’s release.

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