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A new privacy-minded feature is coming for WhatsApp!

The feature that WhatsApp users have been waiting for for years and which will take privacy measures to the next level is finally coming.

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, is set to launch another feature that its users have been waiting for for a long time. The new feature will prevent users who aren’t on your contact list from easily seeing your last sighting.

Last seen will be open to people by default

WhatsApp, which recently started testing a feature that lets you hide Last Seen from certain people and a few innovations in timed messages, has now decided to make it more difficult for people who aren’t in your contacts to keep track of your last seen.

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WABetaInfo, which shares information about beta versions of the famous messaging app, announced that WhatsApp will select its latest appearance in the new era as ‘My Contacts’ by default. So if you don’t enter the settings and choose who will follow your last seen, this will be open only to your contacts by default. However, if you want to make your last appearance public, it will not be prevented – for now.

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It is thought that the reason why WhatsApp is working on this innovation in itself is third-party applications that monitor people’s WhatsApp usage habits. Rivals to WhatsApp are also reportedly benefiting from the fact that the last-seen feature comes public by default.

For the moment, WhatsApp has not prevented users from opening their last sighting to everyone. However, the app, which has taken very rigorous steps in privacy, can only allow you to open up your recent appearance to your contacts. In this sense, it will be required to keep track of what innovations will be made in the upcoming beta releases.

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