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Famous YouTuber Logan Paul was conned out of $3.5 million!

Logan Paul, one of the world’s most famous YouTube creators, was devastated by a $3.5 million haul. Here’s Paul’s shock…

Logan Paul, who has more than 20 million followers on the YouTube platform and has gained worldwide notion in recent years with his interest in the sport of boxing, is in the spotlight with a $3.5 million fraud case.

In December last year, the famous YouTuber spent $3.5 million on the extremely rare first edition Pokemon cards, which are claimed to be the only one left in the world as zero packs. But paul, who opened the closed package, had one of the biggest shocks of his life. There wasn’t even a Pokemon card on the Pokemon set.

Logan Paul was shocked when he opened the package

On December 20, 2021, Logan Paul posted a post via his official Twitter account. He announced a $3.5 million payment to a collection of pokemon cards that had been printed and sealed and unopened.

After nearly a month, Paul decided to open the Pokemon package and realized he had been scammed. Paul, who previously worked with a specialist who confirmed that the packages were in an original printing box, didn’t even see a Pokemon card when he opened the package. The whole box was just a collection of pretty ordinary G.I. Joe cards being packed and presented.

Paul, who also shared flashback-like scenes with a new video he posted on his YouTube channel earlier this week, shared his experiences with the experts he met during the purchase of the box. About a month later, paul realized that there was no $3.5 million collection in the box, and he was devastated to see that the collection had been subsequently banned.

You can watch the whole process from the video above. However, when it comes to Logan Paul, the possibility is that this whole thing is a commercial work in which viewers are once again deceived. It’s a question of how this whole process will go. If what happened wasn’t a PR operation, the famous YouTuber is expected to sue the person who bought the package.

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