A surprising confession about the game from the producer of Days Gone!

Jeff Ross, the sacked former Days Gone producer at Sony, spoke of the real thing that ended the game in Sony’s eyes.

Days Gone, released for the Sony PlayStation 4 and released to PC gamers over the past year, was one of the most controversial productions in Sony PlayStation history. Although the game was much loved by some, it was turned nose-in-nose by a large audience, including Sony’s management team. Jeff Ross, the game’s executive producer and former Sony employee, explained why the game was disappointing.

Days Gone producer admits mistakes he made

During the life of the PS4, several AAA-quality axon-adventure games were released by Sony. Many productions,such as the next generation God of War , Uncharted 4 and Horizon: Zero Down, received very positive feedback from both review sites and players, making Sony PlayStation producers and actors happy.

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The most criticized of these productions and the most polarizing of the actors was days gone in the action – survival genre released in 2019. The game did not satisfy Sony so much that it decided to part ways with the game’s executive producer, Jeff Ross. Ross conducted an interview with USAToday this week and was self-critical of the production.

Speaking to USAToday, Ross admitted that the end-of-chapter monsters (boss fights) in the game are often very poorly designed. Taking Skizzo aside for one of the last end-of-episodefights in the game, Ross said it was almost ‘terrible’and that he had let himself down.

He also said one of the biggest problems his team faces is that they waive artificial intelligence to maintain the atmosphere. The game was designed to shootat parts of the character that the character could see during the design period, but they had to abandon the idea, he added.

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