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Improving the ability to react to messages on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp brings a new beta to users every new day and is now improving its ability to react to messages.

WHatsApp has been particularly active over the last two months. One beta version after another has been released for both the Web, desktop and mobile versions of WhatsApp. Finally, a different innovation is being tried for the ability to react to messages being tried for beta versions of the app.

WhatsApp will show who reacts and how

Finally, the famous messaging app, which recently introduced the ability to create stickers for WhatsApp Web users, has been working on the ability to react to messages sent with emojis for some time. This innovation, which has already been trialled in beta releases, is being further detailed.

The ability to respond to messages, which began to be tried for a limited audience last September, is still being worked on. With the latest Beta update,a different innovation is being worked on that could work, especially in crowded groups.

Accordingly, in the new era, if there is more than one person reacting to a message, it will be possible to view who reacts with which emoji by pressing and holding on to the message. This innovation, discovered by WABetaInfo, currently only applies to those who use the Apple iOS Beta version of the app. Currently limited to just 6 emojis, the option to react and view reacting people will also be available for Android Beta users in the near term.

The ability to react to messages and view responses is still in development and is likely to be exclusive to Beta users by the end of the year. About 2 months This new feature, which has been trialled and developed by WhatsApp with Beta users, is expected to be available to Android, iOS, Web and Desktop users by early 2022 at the latest.

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