Marvel game coming from DC Universe Online producer!

DC Universe Online producer Dimensional Ink Studios is developing an online game about the Marvel universe.

Dimensional Ink Studios, also known as the DC Universe Online producer of the free-to-play Massive Online production, is working on a new Marvel game. The production, which is likely to be called Marvel Universe Online, was discovered by a leak in GeForce Now.

DC Universe Online has been active for nearly 10 years

Dc Universe Online, developed in collaboration with Warner Bros, Daybreak Game and Dimensional Ink Games and set in the DC Comics universe, was first released in 2011. Also released for PlayStation 3 in 2011, PlayStation 4 in 2013 and Xbox One in 2016, the game has been actively playing for nearly 10 years.

The 41st episode, which last aired in August, is the latest in a number of episodes. Dimensional Ink Games, which brought house of legends to The Monitor, is now working on a massive online game that will tell the story of the Marvel world.

A Twitter user named Miller discovered a 2021 financial report from a patent company called EG7. The financial report revealed that an AAA-quality Marvel MMO game was developed.

The game, which was previously leaked in GeForce Now documents, was canceled in 2018 due to financial problems experienced by the producer. It seems jack emmert,who has been executive producer of DC Universe Onlinefor more than 10 years, has been working on the Marvel MMO for a long time. As is known, DC Universe Online will receive a wide-ranging graphics update and content pack in 2023. The Marvel MMO is also expected to be released around 2023.

Marvel MMO is a long-term project and will need about 2 more years of development time. There was no official comment from either Marvel or Dimensional Ink Studios. The gameis expected to be announced in the first months of 2022. The release date of the production can also be specified as early as 2023 at the earliest

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