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Instagram and TikTok negatively affect eating disorder

Research shows that Instagram and TikTok cause people with eating disorders to be badly affected. Here are the details…

Instagram and TikTok are very popular apps used all over the world. Many people spend time on social media apps to take advantage of leisure time. So how do these platforms affect human health?

In many previous studies, negative results were obtained about different platforms. Especially during the pandemic process, many health problems arose in connection with people spending more time on social media applications. A recent study concluded that TikTok and Instagram negatively affect people with eating disorders.

People with eating disorders should stay away from the internet

Dr. Jason Nagata,an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco,treats young people hospitalized for eating disorders. Even when people with this disease are hospitalized, they appear to share and follow diet programs on social media. Nagata noticed that this was happening again.

People with eating disorders experience irregular eating and weight loss problems due to social media, he says. Accordingly, he believes hospital staff may need to stop communicating with the patient via social media.

Many social media platforms, such as Instagram and its parent company Meta, have been receiving many negative reviews over the years because their content has badly affected people and caused health problems. The research, launched earlier this year, is a lawsuit filed on behalf of Instagram and Facebook, as well as social media restrictions in the United Kingdom that show some seriousness of the incident.

Facebook documents leaked to The Wall Street Journalsaid Instagram had pushed young people to worry about their weight and appearance, making them feel unhappy. With the release of these documents, the company was sued and Adam Mosseri, along with Mark Zuckerberg, were summoned to Congress to testify.

When people see flawless photos that have been filtered and photoshopped, they experience eating disorders in connection with not being at peace with themselves and not being satisfied with their weight. Frances Haugenaddressed these issues in her statements to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Afterwards, the statements were issued and forwarded to Congress.

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