New iOS update puts emphasis on child safety

Apple is introducing a child safety feature with its new iOS 15.2 update. Here are the details…

Although the Internet is a useful tool that helps us do a lot of our work and access all kinds of information, sometimes it can be dangerous. This network, which is not especially safe for young children, also worries parents. Applewill make its devices safer for young children in its new iOS update.

The new update of iPhones will bring a feature that child safety activists have been waiting for for a long time. It is hoped that the function, which will apply to underage iOS users, will protect young minds from the dark side of the internet. Here are those features and details…

Young users will be warned with iOS 15.2

With the iOS 15.2 update, minor users in the U.S.will receive a notification when they try to open or send sensitive and inappropriate photos. The company has been planning this feature since the summer. However, it took a while to happen as the feature went through the editing process.

The feature was originally designed to send notifications to that child’s parent along with an underage user trying to access inappropriate content. Now, only children will receive the notification. Some activists support the emphasis on the privacy of minors, while others still think it is dangerous.

This AI-based algorithm allows an alert to appear when the child receives sensitive messages. Content will not open and appear blurry the first time unless the user indicates that they want to view this content publicly voluntarily. If the person himself wants to send such a message, the system will ask the young user to contact a trusted person.

Apple said it aims to help children change their minds about the issue and prevent them from making irreversible hasty decisions. The new iOS 15.2 update feature will be manually activated in the Family Sharing settings.

Apple assures that the system will not be able to access the content in question, since the message system has end-to-end protection technology. This new protection system is also expected to come to iPadOS and MacOSin the near future.

Thorn’s research on child users

Thorn,a nonprofit organization, did some research on this subject. The results of the study were published in November. In shared reports, the rate of sensitive content viewing of children aged 9-12 reached 14 percentthis year, up from 6 percent last year. The previous year, 13 percentfound it normal to submit these contents, compared to 21 percent. This suggests that the situation is becoming more and more serious.

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