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Neymar has signed a publishing deal with Facebook Gaming!

Facebook Gaming, one of the world’s most preferred video streaming platforms, has signed a partnership agreement with Neymar Jr.

Facebook Gaming,which has been in a fierce rivalry with Twitch in recent years and has signed many famous broadcasters from a rival platform, has now signed Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, one of the most talented footballers in the world. The PSG player will start regular broadcasts on Facebook Gaming in the new period.

Neymar won’t just play FIFA on Facebook

Neymar, one of the most famous and talented footballers in the world, is the latest in a longstanding aggressive promotional and advertising strategy by Facebook Gaming. The Brazilian superstar joins Facebook Gaming on December 17th with his first broadcast at 22:00 Turkish time.

According to a joint statement by Facebook Gaming and Neymar, the Brazilian will broadcast live several times a month, with further announcements. Other creators will participate as guests in these live broadcasts, which will take place through different games.

According to Variety, Neymar’s live broadcasts will not be dominated by FIFA 22, contrary to expectations. The player, who has streamed Call of Duty and Counter-Strike on Twitch many times before, is said to be able to stream Fortnite as well as these productions. It is not expected that this and similar broadcast agreements will be signed in the short term; Indeed, Neymar was known as one of the only regular broadcasters.

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