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The era of sending cryptocurrency from WhatsApp!

WhatsApp is expanding the ability to send money in chat, which it has been working on for some time. The company has launched this feature in another country.

WhatsApp has long been working on the ability to send money in chat. The company, which also entered the e-commerce sector with its WhatsApp Business application, had expanded the boundaries of WhatsApp Pay. Now it is expanding its partnership with Novi to expand the delivery of money through the app.

WhatsApp first introduced this feature in India and Brazil. But innovation only applied to traditional currencies. The company has now turned its course to cryptocurrencies and started testing in the US.

WhatsApp launches money sending in us

WhatsApp has begun testing its pilot app within the US, which allows it to send and receive money from within the chat. A limited number of users will be able to benefit from the app, which starts today in the country. Novi’s President Stephane Kasriel made the announcement. Kasriel said.

Starting today, a limited number of people in the U.S. will be able to send and receive money using WhatsApp through Novi. This will make it as easy for users to send money to their family and friends as sending messages.

The app provides shipping using a Dollar-indexed Pax Dollars (USDP) cryptocurrency. The money-sending process is supported by the Novi digital wallet, which was launched by WhatsApp’s founding company Meta about a month and a half ago.

Novi says users will not be subject to any restrictions on how often they will send money using the service. They will also not have to pay any fees to protect their balance or transfer money to their bank accounts, he adds.

Novi shared details of the post on its official site. According to the description, sending money will be as easy as sending images or documents in chat. On Android, the paperclip iconwill have the payment part in the plus icon, which refers to the plugin icon in iOS.

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