What will Apple Car look like? The first answer came!

The first images from Apple’s highly anticipated vehicle, the Apple Car, have arrived. British company Vanamara has prepared a 3D model of the vehicle

Apple has been secretly running the Apple Car for a long time. The company attaches great importance to its car and employs the best engineers in the development process. Although the company does not share information about the vehicle, the leaks provide information about the vehicle.

British car rental company Vanamarasaid it had created a fictitious 3D Apple Car based on leaks and patents obtained by Apple. The company said it was inspired by the design of macbook and iPhone devices, which are on the market for its model.

Details and design of the Vanamara Apple Car concept

Vanamara says in a statement that the model is compatible with patents apple has received. The imaginary Apple Car comes across as an SUV, as expected. Looking at the exterior design, it looks like a car from the future. In particular, both SUV and Sedan can easily differentiated from other cars with their similar design to cars.

The Vanamara concept features comfortably rotating seats in the interior of the vehicle. Thanks to these seats, the layout in the living room can be created inside the vehicle. The vehicle has inverted doors, as in a Rolls Royce, to ensure passengers do not have trouble getting into the vehicle. The interior of the vehicle has a massive digital instrument panel and multimedia display.

The vehicle has Siri, a smart assistant built into the steering wheel. The company says this feature has been patented by Apple. Outside the vehicle are door handles in a style similar to the iPhone’s off keys. In addition, the front of the vehicle features a illuminated logo on older Macbook models and a grille inspired by the circular ventilation holes of Macbooks.

Last month, Bloomberg said Apple was working on the vehicle and wanted to build an autonomous car. He claimed Apple did not want steering and pedals in the interior of the vehicle, but was undecided on whether to add steering wheels and pedals so that people could also intervene in an emergency.

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