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The famous tech company has announced that it has been cyber-attacked!

The technology company, which operates all over the world, including our country, said it had been cyber-attacked and had experienced a data breach.

With the massive development of technology, there has also been a significant increase in the number of cyberattack incidents in this area. While cryptocurrency exchanges and world-renowned technology companies are often targeted in such attacks, a new one has recently been added to them. The renowned technology company said it had been cyber-attacked and had suffered a data breach.

Panasonic says it was cyber-attacked

Panasonic, which operates all over the world, including cameras, has officially announced that the recent allegations are true and that they have been cyber-attacked.

Panasonicannounced in a press release on November 26th that unauthorized access to its servers was gained on November 11th, resulting in some data being compromised. Company spokeswoman Dannea DeLisser said the breach first began on June 22 and continued until November 3, adding that unauthorized access was first detected on November 11.

Panasonic cyberattack
Panasonic cyberattack

The statement also stated:

“After detecting unauthorized access, we immediately reported the incident to the relevant authorities and implemented various security measures, including steps to prevent outside access to the network.”

In addition to the authorities’ investigation, Panasonic said it was working with a specialist security agency to investigate the data breach and determine what data had been compromised and apologised to its customers for the incident.

As you will recall, the company was also cyber-attacked by Indian hackers last year. In fact, the attack resulted in a loss of 4 GB of data, including financial information and email addresses.

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