A charging problem has arisen with the 16-inch MacBook Pros!

Apple Support has been struggling with a problem in recent days. Some 16-inch MacBook Pro owners complain of charging problems with their devices.

Some owners of Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro report having MagSafe 3 charging problems when the device is turned off. Apple Support has taken action. Teams are trying to fix the problem in accordance with the instructions. However, some users said these instructions also did not work. Here is the aforementioned problem and Apple’s solution…

The company will send a new MacBook Pro to a user

According to comments on Reddit, some users suggested the device was not charging when they turned off their Macor just closed the lid. Apparently, there is a common problem that in these cases the MagSafe 3 connector is not able to provide the desired charge.

MacBook Pro doesn't charge when turned off

Users’ reviews were for 16-inch MacBook Pro devices. The comments said computers could not detect the 140w MagSafe 3 charger. When the device turned off, the charging light flashed yellow. This indicates that the device is having trouble charging. Also a videoabout this problem shows that the light movement is accompanied by the macOS charging sound effect. Meanwhile, the constantly burning orange light indicates that the MacBook is charged, while the green light means that it is fully charged.

Some users have contacted Apple Support. MacRumorsspecifically cited a user’s comment. The user explained how the Apple Support team is going about the MacBook Pro issue:

“I’m having exactly the same problem. I asked Apple Support for help. They said they’d order a new 140-wattcharger. But they explained that there was probably a firmware problem. The next day I got a call from Apple. They asked me a lot of questions and gave me instructions to run a special program. After doing all this, they said they wanted to get my MacBook and charger back and they would give me a brand new MacBook.”

However, it is clear that the problem with some 16-inch MacBook Pro models is indicative of an anomaly, since it occurs only when the lid is closed. Because normally, the MagSafe 3 continues to charge the Mac even if the lid closes when the device is connected to MagSafe while it is on. Let’s also mention that this problem does not exist in all users.

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