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Three blue tick features announced on WhatsApp

A major source responded to a rumor about WhatsApp, the world’s most widely used instant messaging app.

WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook (Meta) in February 2014 for about $20 billion, has had its most active period in recent times. In 2021, it is claimed that on many different platforms, it is working on the ‘three tick’ feature of the famous messaging app, which is developing more different innovations than before. And is there a basis for these allegations? Here are the details…

WaBetaInfo responds to WhatsApp claim

WhatsApp has made significant innovations in the past year, both for Android and iOS users on mobile platforms, as well as with desktop/web applications. The company, which offers updates to privacy settings more often than ever before, has introduced many innovations, large and small, such as the time it took to delete messages and the ability to create stickers on the computer.

The worldwide popularity of the famous messaging app brings with it rumors and frequent talk of features that are said to be coming soon.

Several claims have been made in the past year, including that there are three blue ticks on WhatsApp from time to time, which means that the message sent was read by the government/security forces. WhatsApp was forced to explain that such a feature was not included in the app after growing doubts about the issue.

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Finally, recently came another brand new ‘three tick’ claim. According to the rumor spreading on the Internet, if users saw three blue ticks instead of two in their messages, it would indicate that a screenshot of the conversation had been taken. Some users even said that this feature is starting to come in beta.

The final point was put in place by WABetaInfo’s social media account, which follows even the slightest updates and innovations for WhatsApp. WABetaInfo confirmed that WhatsApp is not working on such an innovation and that the reports are false.

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