Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope explains

NASA has announced that the James Webb Space Telescope, which it launched into space in recent weeks, has completed the first stages to open the sun’s curtain.

The James Webb Space Telescope, launched in December 2021, successfully passed the first round of the spacecraft. About four days into his mission, James Webb completed two successful combustion operations and solar-powered antenna installation.

The Webb team, which has started work to open the giant solar curtain, said the journey will take six years and the telescope will remain in orbit for 10 years. NASA, which has been working on the James Webb Space Telescope for nearly 22 years, is counting down the days to uncover secrets deep in space.

James Webb Space Telescope completes antenna installation

Giant sun curtain, the size of a tennis court. Therefore, the installation stages will be challenging. In any wrong move, the $10 billion telescope could become obsolete.

Having successfully completed the first two stages for the opening of the sun curtain, the team announced that the pallets that will hold the sun curtain have been placed. NASA, which co-broadcasts with the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency, said the Webb team began work tuesday morning on the deployment of the forward track and finished the process around 1:20 p.m.

“Webb, the mission operations team, we are pleased to announce that it has put the pallets in place at the front and back of the observatory,” NASA said in a statement after the pallets were placed. It took only 20 minutes to place the front pallet where it should be from the position where we stacked it. The rear pallet was put back in place in 18 minutes. Due to the additional steps required, the overall processing time took several hours for each,” he said.

Once the telescope reaches its mission, it will be able to view the galaxy’s furthest and oldest access points, about 13.7 billion light-years away. The James Webb Space Telescope will send unfiltered images of the galaxy back to Earth during the mission.

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