Surprise development in the famous driverless van project!

The Olli driverless van owned by Local Motors is history. The project, which hit the road in 2016, would come in a second version.

The Olli driverless minibus project, which was once very popular, took its place in the dusty pages of history. The project, which was first produced with 3D printing in 2016, attracted great attention at that time. However, Local Motors,which implemented the Olli driverless minibus project, decided to go bankrupt.

3D Olli 2.0 autonomous van would be on the road this year

Olli, the driverless van project that appeared in National Harbour in 2016, attracted a lot of attention at the time. Each part of the autonomous project was obtained by 3D printing. The project, which works on certain stroke and boarding points, had a hybrid engine in the early stages. Finally, in 2020, the project switched to an all-electric engine with Olli 2.0, which ended in a surprise. Of course, the main reason the project ended is because local motors,which owns the project, went bankrupt.

In fact, after the Announcement of Olli 2.0 in October 2020, there was no information about the project from Local Motors. There is no official statement from the company at this time. However, Chris Stoner,the company’s head of sales and customer relations, announced that the company would close as of January 14.

Olliwas to begin the second version of his driverless van project in Toronto last spring. But the fact that these test drives didn’t start is perhaps proof that the first alarm bells are ringing for the company. Although there is no explanation from the company at this time, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in the world is likely to have an impact on this bankruptcy decision.

Olli was one of the most exciting projects of recent years, both with its 3D printer and body and basic parts produced and with its completely driverless structure. Olli, whose passenger transport videos became a trend for a time, became the center of attention especially with its cute design.

The project, which inspired driverless vehicle projects, began to lose its former popularity after companies such as Tesla also turned to this market. In this sense, Local Motors,which made the project fully electric, could not compete with electric car giants such as Tesla.

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