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YouTube continues to gain strength against TikTok!

YouTube, the world’s most famous video site, has had great success with its new feature called Shorts, which it has launched to rival TikTok.

Famous social media platforms and video streaming sites continue to acquire new features from each other. As you may recall, the lost shares that first came into our lives with Snapchat came to life as Stories on Instagram. This feature, which was later integrated into the platform by YouTube, was followed by Shorts, which was recently introduced to rival the TikTok front.

In her annual letter, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki shared the figures on Shorts. Wojcicki also underlined that they have set aside a total ofmore than $100 million for users who make and share Shorts videos.

YouTube Shorts, totaled over 5 trillion views

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki explained how the company spent 2021 in her annual letter last Tuesday. Wojcicki said YouTube Shorts has received more than 5 trillion views in total since its launch in late 2020.

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In his wide-ranging letter addressing issues such as editing and content control, Wojcicki said he made a total payment of $100 million for the YouTube Shorts Fund, 40 percent of which was made to creators with very few followers. The Ceo of YouTube underlined that in the new era, such new content providers will be given both financial and moral support.


In a statement, Wojicki also touched on innovations in content control, explaining how often you watch videos that YouTube removes for breaking content rules, and how videos get to the removal stage. According to the YouTube CEO, 5 out of every 1,000 videos uploaded to YouTube are currently taken off the air by the team that controls content for violating community guidelines.

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