Crysis 4, which the gaming world has been waiting for, has been announced!

Crysis, one of the most popular productions in the gaming world, is coming with a new series. Production company Crytek has released a trailer.

Crysis, which is also one of the most popular series in the gaming world developed by Crytek, has always made a name for itself by having graphics that challenge computers, even though it has a huge fan base. A lot of people have been waiting for the new game of the series for a long time. Crytek created a lot of excitement with a video he shared.

The video says, “Join the journey. Be a hero”

The Crysis series, which first made its name in 2007, has always made a name for itself with both gameplay and graphics. It was one of the first productions that came to mind when I said games that forced computers. Fans have long been waiting for Crysis 4, which will be the new version of the series. Crytek shared a tweet as “A Crytek Announcement” and posted an announcement video about the new game.

Crytek did not reveal any other details, simply by sharing the above. In the tasting video, the emphasis on nano-clothing is clearly rendered. The MV-24 aircraft appears, albeit briefly. At the end of the content, which is not kept for very long, “Join the journey. Be a hero.”

The series has always attracted the attention of Turkish users, especially with its quality script and high-end graphics as well as turkish language support. Detailed information such as the release date language supports for crysis 4, the new game in the series, is not yet known. However, for those who want to remember previous games until Crysis 4 arrives, we have compiled for you the order in which they should be played in order to understand the game story.

  • Crysis 1was one of the highest graphic games of the playing period, performing for the first time in 2007. The game wants 12 GB of storage.
  • Crysis Warhead: Although the sequel is not as popular as others, it was liked by a large audience. The game occupies a 15-GB depaque area.
  • Crysis 2: Undoubtedly the most popular game in the series and was revolutionary for that period. The game, which also includes Turkish language support, is still available in Windows XP.
  • Crysis 3: Crysis 3, the last game in the series so far, was the latest invention of the series, according to many. Crytek, however, responded with a post today.

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