Flash verdict on Pegasus software that listens to everyone!

Israeli software company NSO Group could allegedly shut down its world-renowned spyware program Pegasus.

Pegasus is a spyware developed by the NSO Group, an Israeli company. Uploaded with just one message, this program allows access to all the information on the victim’s phone without even hearing it. Therefore, it is among the software that is feared.

The NSO Group is considering shutting down Pegasus due to its recent troubles and problems with pegasus software. It is even alleged that the company will sell Pegasus.

NSO Group wants to shut down its Pegasus unit!

According to Bloomberg, the Israeli company is considering closing its Pegasus unit. After the unit closes, a sale is planned. NSO Groupis in talks with mutual funds to pay off the company’s debts. It’s alleged that major American mutual funds are considering buying the company and shutting down the software as soon as possible.

Under the company’s refinanord option, investment firms could transfer up to $200 million and turn spyware into cybersecurity services or develop drone technologies based on the knowledge behind pegasus software, the report said.

In addition, pegasus covers about half of NSO Group’s revenue, according to the report. The value of the NSO Group could fall significantly if Pegasus is closed or sold. Pegasus software is thought to have been used by the world’s leading journalists, government officials and activists.

Earlier this year, India allegedly used the software by some journalists and even followed india’s Minister of Electronics and Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnaw. These allegations have been referred to the court. The court formed a panel to consider these allegations and closely monitored the matter.

The company was added to the Asset Listby the United States in November. The U.S. government said in a statement that the NSO Group was placed on the Asset List for developing and supplying spyware to foreign governments that use government officials, journalists, businessmen, activists to maliciously target them.

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