Splinter Cell Remake, officially announced!

The long-awaited production of the new Splinter Cell has been announced. Splinter Cell Remake will revisit the first game in the series.

The first game in the Splinter Cell series, which Ubisoft has been expected to announce for quite some time, is being remaked. It’s not known how happy a sequel will make fans, but the first game in the series is made with Ubisoft’s own game engine, Snowdrop Engine, and developed by Ubisoft Toronto.

Back to the first game with Splinter Cell Remake

As you know, Splinter Cell: Blacklist,the latest game in Ubisoft’s most famous series, was released in 2013 and has been anticipating a sequel for about 8 years.

Ubisoft chose to remake the first game of the series instead of a sequel , just like the prince of persia series. Avideo of the game’s remake was also released by Ubisoft. As you can see from the released video, no in-game material related to Splinter Cell Remake: Stepping Out of the Shadows has been shared yet.

the video, which deals with interviews with the producers of the first game released in 2002 and shows the gameplay mechanics from the first game, shows what we can expect from the game that will be re-examined.

Ubisoft said in a statement that some of the interviewed producers will also be working on the new game, which will be used to create a new game. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and snowdrop engine, which is also used in the new Star Wars game under construction, have been announced. This engine is expected to include major innovations, especially regarding dynamic lighting and shadows in the game.

Here’s a description of the game from the Ubisoft front:

“We will not rush to see what designing a new Splinter Cell game means to us. Lights, shadows, animation techniques, gameplay, artificial intelligence and even sounds… We want to bring out something completely new for the fans of the game. However, we want to give them the feeling that they have relived the masterpiece they played 20 years ago.”

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