Google is testing a new user interface!

Google is developing a new interface to give its users a better and more modern experience. Here are the features…

Google,one of the world’s leading search engines, continues to bring new features every day to enhance users’ search experience. Last week, the company introduced the “Most Read News” feature for desktop users. Thus, the news of the search began to appear among the results.

Google,which now comes up with a new feature, is testing a new user interface. Some information about this test version to make the search engine more modern has also been shared. Here are the features of the new user interface that Google is testing…

New animations coming for Google interface

Google,which is working on adding new live animations to its user interface, will have reached a more modern use with this small change. The search bar will give up its current round view and get a new bar that is separated from the results by a horizontal line. The shortcuts to voice search and delete typed in the current interface will remain in place.

In addition to this small but distinctive feature, there is also a new feature that will attract less attention. When you click on the search engine, the letters in the Google logo switch to a multicolored version and constantly change color. In addition, in the results that appear when you search, it indirectly integrates related search terms under the name “people ask about this”as well as some Infographic-supported recommendations.

This new user interface only occurs when browsing in Google hidden tab mode, according to a test by 9to5Google,a news site. Testers were able to see these features if they logged into a Google account. It is not known when the new interface will be available to users.

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