How to fix the ‘Modem lights not on’ error?

Modem users may face many problems. In this article, we wrote what those who say ‘The modem lights do not turn on’ can do.

The Internet is a connection that is necessary to perform many operations today. The modem that helps connect to the Internet network also has an important place in this respect. However, many problems occur from time to time when using a modem. One of these problems is the problem of ‘the modem’s lights are not on‘. The first thing to do in such problems should be to find the source of the problem.

Failure to turn on the modem’s lights can occur for many different reasons. You will not be able to connect to your home’s internet unless this issue is resolved. In this article, we discussed how to solve the problem of modem lights not turning on.

How to fix the problem of modem lights not turning on?

With the age of technology, the internet has become a part of our lives. Therefore, modem connection is also a must. However, for some reason, the modem can cause various problems. The fact that the lights are not on is also among the most important reasons.

The simplest way to reactivate modem lights is to turn off the modem and wait a while. If the problem with your modem is temporary, the lights will turn back on after you turn on the modem.

Another thing to do is to check the sockets. To do this, try turning your modem back on to the different outlet. If the problem you are experiencing as a result of the operation persists, it is necessary to check the cables that come to the modem. If this is a problem, both ethernet/internet and power cable must be removed and reconnected.

If your modem still doesn’t work after your trials and checks, authorized people should see it. If your modem is still warrantyed, you can make a call to the warranty service. However, if the warranty expires and your modem is obsolet, you may need a new modem.

Reasons why modem lights do not turn on

There are many reasons why modem lights do not turn on. When considered in the simplest way, the cause of the problem may be a malfunction in the modem lights. Another cause is damage or wear to modem cables.

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