Spider-Man wind blows at PUBG MOBILE!

PUBG MOBILE, one of the most popular mobile games in the world, includes the beloved superhero Spider-Man.

PUBG MOBILE, the world’s most popular mobile game, continues to increase user engagement with various events. The company, which follows popular culture in particular, accordingly includes new characters and influencers in the production. Finally, the developer company collaborated on spider-man: No Way Home, which set up blockbusters.

Spider-Man celebrates PUBG MOBILE collaboration

Spider-Man, one of the most beloved superheroes, was recently spotted networking over New York City. The addition of Sony Pictures’ worldwide release-record-breaking film Spider-Man: No Homecoming to PUBG MOBILE with update V1.8 was celebrated with a spectacular light show in New York. PUBG MOBILE’s Spider-Man: No Home themed mode is available until February 14th.

The projection light show, which runs from Manhattan to Queens, was seen waxing along to PUBG MOBILE’s famous protagonist Helmet Man, swinging and climbing between iconic buildings and attractions such as the Flatiron Building, Washington Square Arch, Washington Square North, which is part of the Sony Pictures trilogy. You can watch this special light show that fascinates viewers by clicking here.

The beloved character and PUBG MOBILE’s V1.8 update, in collaboration with Sony Pictures for the first time, offers a range of new events and free items to give players a full superhero experience. The new Spider-Man: No Homecoming themed mode allows players to join Spider-Man to fight mysterious monsters and use their own No HomeComing Network Shooters to slow down their opponents as they navigate the map.

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