Interpret future cleaning technology with Redroad V17

The Redroad V17, which stands out for its double cylinder brush and new generation design, is on sale. Here are the features..

Redroad V17, a vacuum cleaner that stands out with its new generation design, presents the cleaning technology of the future today. Thanks to its twin-engine roller brush, the handheld vacuum cleaner, which cleans the floor deeply, stands out with its 26,500 Pa suction power.

In addition to its high suction power, the Redroad handheld vacuum cleaner has a nominal power of 450 W and an engine rotation speed of 120,000/m and has five filtrations in it. In this way, the broom, which forms a barrier for flying dust, offers an ideal use for those with allergic diseases.

Effortless cleaning with redroad V17!

Thanks to its powerful features and colorful LCD display, the electric device indicates sweeping status and supports 13 different languages. The vacuum cleaner, which reminds you of the power indicator, machine status, fault warning and spare parts replacement on the LCD screen, provides a functional use.

With a battery capacity of 2,500 mAh, the Redroad V17 provides 60 minutes of operation and sweeps efficiently and practically with an easy cleaning brush. The Redroad V17, located under the dust container, has a dust crushing lamp. However, the handheld vacuum cleaner, which has a nine-stage noise reduction system, gives a low volume of up to 60 dB.

Thanks to this lamp, the broom, which quickly detects and cleans dust on the floor, also provides a versatile cleaning with its double cylinder brush. The Redroad V17 features a 360-degree brush head, offering the opportunity to easily clean the bottom of the cabinet and bed thanks to its easy folding channel.

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